Beach Retreat

Everyone at some point or another needs to step back and hit the reset button. It has been super hot and rainy here in central Florida so we have not been out exploring or doing much-needed repairs on the RV so we decided it was time for a beach retreat. How did we arrive at that conclusion?

Brain Overload

As the economy falters and vehicles including RVs skyrocket in price we contemplate our next move. See our Updated Plans article. We figured we hang out in Florida for a while but man is it hot (and wet) here in the summer…lol.

A Hotel Room On The Beach

We originally started looking for a cabin on the beach. One where we could step out onto a deck overlooking the water with either our coffee or adult beverage. There were plenty of places that had cabins but none were on the beach. So when we came up empty we did the next best thing. We got a motel room on the beach!!! We found an old-style motel nestled in between a bunch of hi-rise condos on the Atlantic Ocean and decided to book a couple of nights.

Sea Scape Motel & Apartments

This place was located on A1A in Melbourne and was totally old school. There is no fancy online reservation system and the email address is an old Yahoo mail address. The buildings themselves looked a little run down and the a/c units were rusty but the office attendant was extremely friendly. That was a good start.

Creep Creep

We can be a little creeped out at hotels which is one of the biggest reasons we started RVing in the first place. So when we do get a hotel/motel room we go through a meticulous process of checking the room out and sanitizing it before we bring our stuff in. It would probably seem over the top ridiculous to most people but hey that’s what we do…lol. I will be writing a post on our procedure in the near future.

Clean Room

After verifying the room was clean (very clean as a matter of fact) we started the sanitization process. That means once it’s complete we can’t enter the room for a while. Once we determined we could go into the room, we started bringing in our stuff. The heat index was over 100 degrees so we were very thankful they had the a/c on upon our arrival.

Pleasantly Surprised

To our surprise, the room was very well stocked. There was a coffee maker with filters, two bags of coffee, creamers, and sugar packets, a small fridge and freezer (dorm style), a drawer full of utensils, a cabinet full of dishes and glasses, and a sink. There was no stove or cooktop but there was a microwave.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was stocked with 3 rolls of toilet paper, the usual small bottles of soap and shampoo and bath towels, and face clothes. The shower was fairly big (everything seems big compared to an RV…lol) and had two shower heads. One was removable for handicap access. Just like the rest of the room the bathroom was very clean.

The Bedroom

The bedroom was equipped with a double bed, a dresser, and a TV. The pillows were hard as a rock (good thing we brought our own!!!) and the only other complaint we had about this room was the mattress. It was way too soft. We prefer a little harder mattress to accommodate our old backs…lol. It took a little bit of work to get out of bed. Then some stretching to get moving…lol.


The windows in the bedroom and living room looked out over the beach which was pretty cool. There were blinds covering the windows with some kind of attempt at curtains. Not sure if those were supposed to be just decorative but they certainly did not cover the windows. The blinds took care of the window covering.

Heading Outside

The entrance door was on the side facing a large condominium building. There was some patio furniture outside the door and as soon as you made a left you were in a common seating area looking out over the water. The seating area was full of patio-style tables and chairs that ran along a fence made of posts and heavy rope that divided this area and the beach. We noted that they had no umbrellas in this area which would have made it much more comfortable to sit out in the morning and early afternoon hours having some shade from the sun.


Also in the seating area, there was a covered area set up in a Tiki setting. The only reason we did not sit there was the ground was pure sand. I don’t know why that bothered us but it did…lol.

Hammock On The Beach

Boardwalk To The Beach

If you continue around the back seating area you came upon the entrance to the boardwalk. This was the only way to access the beach. There was a sign stating no animals on the beach but during our stay, we saw many people walking their dogs along the beach. We walked along the beach at night as during the day it was too hot.

Morning Sunrises & Dolphins

We made it a point to set our alarms and make coffee (in our own Keurig) to take outside and watch the sunrise. The sun/water combo did not disappoint. It was beautiful. While we were waiting for the sun to come up (on the second day) we were treated to numerous dolphins jumping around in the water. Just an awesome site.

Night Viewing

About an hour after the sun rose it was time to head into the air conditioning. It got hot really fast. We relaxed in the room napping and watching TV until late afternoon when the buildings blocked the sun to the seating area out back. Then we were able to sit out again without frying to a crisp. While not as awesome as the sunrise, it was very relaxing to sit out and watch the water as darkness crept in.


The nighttime atmosphere even brought a few friends out. I say friends loosely…lol. A gecko ran across my chest as I was sitting back relaxing. Even though they are all over Florida and their harmless it still scared the crap out of me. After we got done laughing and started relaxing again it wasn’t long before we noticed a large snake making its way from near the Tiki seating area to the vegetation area near the dunes. It slithered right on by our chairs!!!

Wait, There’s More!!!

Later the first night while sitting out we met another guest and started chatting. She told us she was out the morning before we got there and saw a panther come out of the foliage!!! She showed us pictures on her phone but they were a little blurry. I guess she was nervous. I am not sure if it was truly a panther but whatever it was it was pretty cool.

Then there were many large holes in the sand around the back seating area and our door. We assumed they were from turtles but we were wrong. They were crabs!!! How cool is that?!!!

Final Thoughts

The motel was definitely not the “Hilton” but it was clean and inexpensive. It provided us with the perfect beach getaway we were looking for. There are many places to eat and visit if that is what you are into. We just wanted to relax and clear our minds and this little visit did just that.

Getaway Info

Date Of Stay: 7/31/22- 8/2/22

Sea Scape Motel & Apartments
1745 N. Highway A1A
Indiatlantic, FL, 32903
Phone #: 321-676-7507

Check Out Our Video On The Sea Scape Motel & Apartments

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