Around The USA in 80 Days

There Are Many Ways To RV

There are many ways to RV. Some people choose to keep their home and travel only part of the year. Some choose to sell their home and travel and live in their RV full time. You could park in one place and never move, you can stay at campgrounds weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally. There are also some campgrounds that allow you to sign a yearly lease. You can also boondock, driveway surf, or parking lot camp. So you see, there is no right way or wrong way to RV. It really depends on what you like and how you set yourself up. 

Outside Influences

There are a lot of outside influences that might determine how you do it. Things like debt, health issues, work obligations, family obligations, or weather. Other things that might influence the way you travel are the age of your rig or tow vehicle or even the type of rig you own. Maybe your RV can’t handle a lot of miles a year. Maybe you don’t feel like breaking down and setting up every day, a couple of days, or weeks. Motorhomes are probably the least labor-intensive to move while travel trailers are probably the most. We have a travel trailer and I have to say, if we had to break down and set up every day, I would go nuts!!!

Blogs & Vlogs On Boondocking

There are many blogs and vlogs on boon-docking, parking lot surfing, and traveling at a fast pace. There are numerous people that do it and love it. They travel somewhere new every day and love the fast pace. That is not us. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, it is not the style of RV’ing we choose. That being said, we have talked about trying some “boondocking” for one night at a time only with Harvest Host. They have some really cool and interesting spots.

We Entered RV’ing To Slow Down

We chose to remain in locations for extended periods of time and I will tell you why. We entered the full-time RV lifestyle to slow down, reduce stress, and enjoy life and what nature has to offer. While we were still in New York and I was finishing out my work obligations and we were taking steps to set ourselves up for the full-time RV lifestyle, we decided to give up our apartment and start living in the RV. This meant we had to move either weekly or biweekly. Outside of maybe one campground (which was privately owned but way too far from my job), we basically had a choice of either a county or state campground. The state campground allowed 2-week stays while the county allowed 1-week stays. We knew just from this type of moving around this was definitely not what we wanted.

How Fast Can We Go

Many people jump into this lifestyle and want to see how fast and how many things they can see in the least amount of time. Sometimes it is out of excitement and sometimes because they have given themselves a set amount of time to be on the road. Although that might work for other people, to me it’s exhausting and not to mention expensive and besides, we plan on being out here for the long haul so what’s the rush. Ok, one can argue the expensive part because you can boondock, driveway surf, or parking lot camp and not pay any campsite fees. Again, just not how we want to do it. It still puts a lot of wear and tear on your rig. That’s a lot of miles being put on in a short amount of time. You will probably be purchasing new vehicles more often.

The Burn Out Factor

If that is no problem for you, there is always the burnout factor. If you’re young, you might be able to keep this pace up for quite a while. The older you get, the more difficult it gets to keep up that type of pace. Then again, why would you want to keep up that pace? Isn’t the whole idea of this lifestyle to slow down and relax a bit more? Just a reminder, these are my views only. I am not knocking anyone’s ideas on traveling.

In our planning process, we took a look at several things. We were too young to retire fully which meant we would still have to work. We wanted a slower more relaxed lifestyle. We wanted to see and explore this great country in depth. We wanted warm climates. Being in one area for several months at a time allowed us to accomplish all of these things. We could accomplish this by work camping which allows us to be in an area for four to six months and also earn some extra money.

We Follow The Warm Weather

The other thing we love is that we can follow the warm weather. We lived our whole life in New York and dealt with freezing temperatures and snow. We are so done with that. As a matter of fact, I must say that there have been many times our former neighborhood in New York was getting pounded with freezing temps and 6-8 inches of snow and we were enjoying temps of 75-80 degrees!!! That was awesome!!!

Lastly, by staying in one place for extended periods of time, we can explore each area in detail. I feel like if we were jumping around from place to place all the time, we would only be checking out the big attractions of an area and we would miss a lot of little hidden gems. There are a lot of really cool places that hardly anyone ever heard of or that don’t make the news. Sometimes you find them by google searching an area (which we love to do), talking to the locals, or even by accident. Some of these “gems” are on our website under the “All About RV’ing” tab in a menu titled “Cool Day Trips.

We Love Full Hookups

We also love having full hookups. No worries about where to dump tanks, conserving water, or whether our batteries will make the day/night. We have no worries if there is a problem with our shower or bathroom. We just use the campground facilities until we repair ours. If you stay at campgrounds for longer periods of time, it’s also cheaper. Monthly rates are much less than daily or even weekly rates. We look at the campgrounds as a home base to explore the area.

We realize there are numerous things that you can do to set your rig up for non-campground camping. Solar panels, deep cycle batteries, and generators are the most popular. Some people even use composting toilets. Again, not wrong but for us not interested.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you have to do what’s best for your situation. Do what works for you. There is no right or wrong way. That’s the beauty of it. My only advice would be to plan for your basic needs. If you have them covered, you are ready. Now go out and RV!!!

We are always adjusting our plans for the moment. That is the beauty of this lifestyle.

What stage are you at? Dreaming, Part timing? Full-timing on the go? Full-timing in slow motion (what we do and our personal favorite!!!) Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on this.

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