American Windmill Museum

Brief History

The American Windmill Museum is the largest windmill museum in the world. It sits on 28 acres just east of Lubbock Texas. It features over 160 American style windmills.

As our time in Texas was coming to an end we were thinking about hitting one more place. We just had that urge to find one more cool place to go to.

American Wind Entrance Sign

Early on in the season, I had asked the KOA owner if he had any suggestions for places to visit. He suggested this place but at the time we felt it was a little far. After all, we had so much stuff to check out close by. But as the season went on, we started to have to go further and further away to find cool stuff to do. That is when we remembered this place.

Outdoor & Indoor Displays

We checked out their website and saw they had some outdoor displays so we waited for a nice sunny day. It was a little over a two-hour drive from the KOA. When we arrived the parking lot was empty. There were some cool displays outdoors but we decided to check out the inside first.

Spiral Helix

We were greeted at the front desk by a super friendly clerk. As we paid our entry fee, she was explaining some of the history and all about the displays. There was even a train that ran around the inside of the building. She said she would start it for us. A few keystrokes on the computer and off it went.

3 Indoor Sections

There were 3 sections to the inside displays. The first section housed the many different sized windmills and the awesome train set up that ran throughout that part of the building including up and over your head. There were a couple of wind turbines that you could push a button and watch how it went through its different cycles.

Garrison Millstone

The train traveled up around the top of the building until it came to an elaborate set-up where it winded it’s way down back to ground level.

From there it went through scaled-down villages showing the farming and wind fields of Texas. The was also a section displaying Alta Reeds miniature houses.

Garrison Millstone

The next section was the Garrison Millstone display. According to the museum, it’s the largest millstone collection in North America. There is a tv and some seating in the one corner of the room that explains all the history and uses of millstones.

Large Mural

The last room features a huge mural that measures 172 feet long and 34 feet tall. Upon leaving this room you head straight to the gift shop. After checking out the gift shop we head outside to check out the overflow displays.

Large Outdoor Display

The outside displays were set up along the front of the property. There were numerous windmills of various sizes. As we continued our walk, we came upon a windmill with a millstone display. A little further up there was a working modern-day wind turbine. We have seen them driving down the road but never this close. When we walked a little further down the hill, we found the turbine propellor arms laying in pieces on the ground. It was amazing to see just how large these things were.

The bottom line is if you are near Lubbock Texas and have a couple of hours to fill, you should definitely check this place out.

Date Of Visit: September 2017

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