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Me And Chris

We are Dennis & Chris

Early on when I (Dennis) was married and my kids were young, we all tent camped every year. It was something we all looked forward to each summer season. Years later after I got divorced I continued to tent camp for a while but it just was not the same and I eventually stopped.

Years went by and out of nowhere, one day I started thinking about camping again. I really missed the whole camping experience and wanted to get back into it again. One thing I decided early on was that I did not want to tent camp anymore. So I figured the next best thing was a pop-up camper. So on weekends I would head out to the local dealerships and start looking.

Shopping With The Kids= Bad Idea…lol

One particular weekend when I had my youngest daughter and her friend with me (big mistake taking them RV shopping…lol), we were at one of the local dealerships looking for a pop-up, and then it happened. I found myself signing on the dotted line, but it was not for a Pop-Up. I was somehow walking out of there with a 30′ Gulfstream Conquest travel trailer!!!!  I still really don’t know how that happened but I suspect it had something to do with the kiddies!!!.

No One Wanted To Camp With Dad Anymore

I spent the next few years really enjoying the RV’ing thing. I would have my kids every other weekend and we would go camping all during the summer. Many good times. As my kids got older one got married, one joined the military and the last one (the RV shopper) was now thinking about colleges. No one wanted to go camping with “Dad” anymore. I decided to sell the camper and just ride and travel on the motorcycle.

Enter Chris

Chris had grown up camping with her family. She went from tent camping with her family to camping at a campground where her parents had bought a park model. After she got married and had her own family, camping kind of went by the wayside. She later got divorced. Her kids were older when she divorced and her camping adventures had dwindled down to non-existent. Little did she know what was going to happen in her future.

Me and Chris Pt Judith

Chris and I met on E-harmony in early 2013 and hit it off from day 1. The one thing I thought that would have possibly been a problem was that I rode a motorcycle (practically since birth) and she had never even been on one.  To make matters worse I not only rode, but I also organized and ran a “Meet-Up Group” for motorcycle riding!! That could have been a huge problem if she didn’t like riding. That fear was quickly put to rest after our first ride together. She loved it!!!! As we began seeing each other more and more (like every day) we knew we had something special and started talking about our future. When her lease was up she decided not to renew it and moved in with me instead.

9-5’s and Riding

As time went by, we did the normal 9-5 working thing, traveled with our motorcycle group on weekends (and extended weekends), and basically were living normal everyday lives. Then one day at work (I was on my lunch break of course) I stumbled on an article about people who live full time in an RV and travel across the USA. I will never forget that day as it changed my thinking about the future forever. That night when I got home from work I mentioned it to Chris. After she thought about it for a while, she suggested we see what we can find out about it.

Time For Some Research

From that point on I started searching the internet to learn if this was actually happening or just one of those fictional stories you read about every day on the web. We were absolutely amazed at what we found. Not only was it happening but it was happening in some very large numbers. We found Facebook pages, blogs, clubs, and organizations dedicated to full-time RV’ing and working on the road. We also found that not only retired people were doing it. There were families with young kids, young couples with no kids, young singles, people from all walks of life, and of course the retirees. How cool was this?!!!!! We found websites that were dedicated to finding jobs including full-time, part-time, barter (for campsite fee), or just about any type of job imaginable. This was great stuff we thought!!!

We Made Our Decision

After numerous hours of research and podcasts, we decided we wanted to travel and full-time RV. After all, there are a million roads on our bucket list that we would like to ride and many places across the USA we would like to visit. It was perfect!!!  In 2015, after many Rv shows and internet searches, we bought an Rv. Check out our story on how we wound up with our current setup.

We spent the 2015 Spring, Summer, and Fall season camping as much as we could. We would be relaxing and researching this potentially new way of life almost every night. The more we researched the more excited we became. We even got married at one of our favorite local campgrounds in September 2015!!!!

Peace Out New York

In April of 2016, we moved out of our apartment and into the RV. Since we were still working, we stayed at the local campgrounds and went to work from there. Chris left her job in June. I didn’t retire until October.

We Finally Hit The Road!!!

So in October of 2016, I left work and we hit the road. Our first stop was the Workamper Rendezvous in Heber Springs Arkansas. Then off to Florida where we spent our first winter of retirement relaxing. While it was amazing, it did take some getting used to. The weirdest thing about that first season was the holidays. It was the first time Chris and I had spent the Christmas season away from our friends and family. Being we are from New York, it was also the first time Christmas was 80 degrees!!!…lol

Just Like That We Were Living The Dream

After the holiday season, Chris took her first work camper job. She found an ad on Craig’s list for a temporary time study job. Just like that, we were living the dream. Living and working from the RV. We also found our first summer assignment working together at a KOA in Texas.

KOA Amarillo

It was an interesting time in Texas. The job is pretty much what we thought it would be and the owners were great. We also met some other really cool work campers who are now our friends. The weather has been an eye-opener. I guess we were not thinking when we said yes to a job in Texas in the summer…lol. It was crazy hot, windy, and dry.

Ended In September

Our assignment ended on September 30th and we went back to Florida for the winter. I took the winter season off to work on our website and do some future planning and Chris secured a job with Publix in the nearby town.

Since Working In Amarillo

We have since worked at the KOA in Mystic CT, Sundance RV Resort in Yuma, Arizona, and KOA in Ouray Colorado. We then came across the country and south and wound up at the KOA in Milton Florida. After about 10 months in Milton, we accepted positions at a day-use recreation area called Alexander Springs in the Ocala National Forest. Shortly after we were promoted to managers of another day-use area called Silver Glen Springs.

We have documented our work camping jobs in a series of posts that you can access by using the link below.

Click Here To Check Out Our Work Camping History

So Far/So Good

So far life on the road has been amazing. There have been ups and downs but mostly ups. We have done some pretty cool things and visited places we would never have gone to. We tend to search out the small and often overlooked places. We have learned how to edit videos and now have a YouTube channel to help us document our adventures. Be sure to check out our channel. If you like what you see, please like, share, and subscribe.

Document And Help

As we move forward we intend to document our travels and life experiences through this website and YouTube. Although originally intended for friends and family to keep tabs on us, we have decided to fill this site with as much information as possible so anyone considering this lifestyle will have access to all the information needed to make their own decision as to if it is something they might want to enter into themselves.

We Take Things Slow

Our philosophy on traveling is to take it slow. We like to go to an area, work camp to keep our funds up, and travel and explore on our days off. We are never in a rush. Even our travel days (for the most part) are slow and steady. We love our full hookups and treat our RV as a rolling apartment. Therefore you will not see a lot of boondocking information on this site.

This Site Is For Everyone

You will also find useful information on this site if you are a motorcyclist, part-time RV’er, or just living stationary in your RV. Maybe you have some time before you retire and right now you only go camping or riding on your days off. Maybe you never want to full-time RV. It’s all good. You will still learn/enjoy this website.

What About You?

After past life challenges, you start to realize life is short and can change in an instant. I have already had to battle cancer in my 30s and I’ll never know if it’s going to come back or if anything else will be thrown at me. That’s why we think it’s time to start making some new adventures. We think it is time to start seeing the USA “1 Adventure at a Time.” What about you?

***2022 Update***

This year (2022) we have decided to stay put in a 55 and older park in Winter Haven Florida. We have decided on this for a few reasons. Two of the biggest reasons are 1) We need to make some major repairs on the RV and 2) we have more grandchildren coming this year!!! So for 2022 we will be traveling around Florida (there is a lot of Florida we still need to explore) and visiting family!!!

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