2 Mines Rd Ride

2 Mines Rd Loop

This ride takes place in central Florida. Starting at the 7-11 in Winter Haven, it will take you by two of central Florida’s old phosphorus mines. Neither one is there anymore but the 2 Mine Rd Ride was still a nice ride. Even though Florida is flat and there are no monstrous views, there is still some pretty good riding.

Let’s Start!!!

I picked the 7-11 in Winter Haven because there is a gas station, bathrooms, and food. What else can you ask for right? The one issue with using this as a starting place is when you are ready to start the route you will need to make a left out of 7-11 onto Cypress Gardens Rd. Be careful with this turn. Once the turn is made you will cross over Cypress Gardens Blvd.

Lake Ruby

Once you have crossed over you will follow West Ruby Lake Rd around Lake Ruby. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to pull over for pictures. We pulled into the McDonalds and walked over for our pictures. As you continue on West Lake Ruby Rd it will curve around until you can only make a right or left. You will make the right on Eloise Loop Rd.

Eloise Loop Rd

From here you will make a left at the traffic light onto State Highway 653 which you will take to Old Bartow/Lake Wales Rd and then to US-60. This portion of the ride includes views of a few smaller lakes, orange groves, and a housing development that has golf course greens very close to the houses!!! It’s a good thing I am not golfing there.


When you get to US-60 you will make a right. There will be a Pilot/Flying J on the corner if you need it for food/gas/bathrooms. This is my least favorite part of the trip as US-60 is a busy commercial road. You will be on this road for about 7.2 miles when you will come to a fork in the road. Stay to your left (pretty much a left turn) to stay on US-60W. Continue another 5.7 miles until you get to Bonnie Mine Rd. There will be an “MPW” sign on the corner.

Bonnie Mine Rd

As you make your left onto Bonnie Mine Rd you will be riding a quiet curvy road that will lead you through what once housed a phosphate mine. It closed down in 1999. The owner of the old mine, Mosaic, now leases parts of the property to other companies to use as storage for bulk materials associated with mining and fertilizer activity. (Source: The Center For Land Use Interpretation)

2 Mine Rd Water View

Pebbledale Rd

From Bonnie Mine Rd you will cross over US-640. As you bear to your right it becomes Pebbledale Rd. Just before the road curves around to the right, you will be making a left onto Old State Highway 37. There will be a “CCC” sign on the corner. As you ride down Old State Highway 37 you will pass a huge “solar field” on your left side.

Agricola Mine Rd

Old State Highway 37 is a fairly laid-back road to ride and you will stay on it until you reach Agricola Mine Rd. This will come up just before the train tracks. Make a left on Agricola Mine Rd. This is the second of the “2 Mine Rd” in the title and also my favorite road on the ride. It is quiet and has nice gentle turns throughout the length of it. One thing to be aware of is the railroad crossings are a little rough with large potholes.


When you reach CR-555 you will hang a right and take this to CR-630 where you will make another right back onto Old State Highway 37. As you continue down the road you will need to make a right to stay on Old State Highway 37. There is a 7 Star Food Deli on the corner. Continue to Pebbledale Rd and make a right. To this point, you will be enjoying a nice, quiet winding road. Nothing crazy, just relaxing turns.

Familiar Sites

You will also see you have passed some familiar sites. Take Pebbledale Rd to Pinecrest Rd and make a slight right. Head down to Noralynn Mine Rd. Noralynn Mine Rd curves around to the right and becomes S. Floral Ave. Now you are heading through a part commercial/part residential neighborhood with a few (too many…lol) stop signs. When you get to the end you will be at W. Main St. There is a Circle K gas station across the street if you need to stretch, get food, gas, or use the restrooms.

The Rest Is Commercial

The rest of this trip is commercial roads that lead you back to the starting point. I will include a link to a left/right sheet that will include the directions back.

Final Thoughts

Florida is not known for its mountainous curvy roads. That’s because it’s pretty much flat. That being said there is no reason you can’t get out and do some great riding here. Although this ride does not showcase Florida’s strong points, namely beautiful lakes and water views, it’s still a cool ride through quiet orange groves, old Florida neighborhoods, and old phosphorous mines making up some of Florida’s history.

If you are looking to just get out and ride and you are not near any water, this ride will definitely get you out of the house and on the bike. One more thing to note is that this is the kind of ride you just cruise through since there are not a lot of places to pull over.

If You Would Like The Directions To This Ride, Use The Link Below.

2 Mines Rd Left/Right Sheet

Check Out Our Short Video Of This Ride

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