2 Forks Ride

The 2 forks run is one of my favorite rides while on Long Island. You will cover a lot of ground and see Long Island’s diversity. From the congested roads to the party atmosphere of the Hamptons on the South Shore to the water views, farmland, and wineries on the North Shore. Sample some great ice cream along the way. Don’t forget your camera for this ride. You will have ample opportunity for some great shots.

You will start this ride on the North Shore of Long Island. A good place to start is McDonald’s in Commack.

McDonald’s In Commack

It’s a great place to start for a few reasons. The McDonald’s sits in the corner of a parking lot in a strip shopping center. In addition to McDonald’s, there is a deli and bagel place in the shopping center and bathrooms in McDonald’s. Behind McDonald’s is a gas station. All the necessities to start a ride.

Getting Started

Now that Breakfast is covered, your bladder is emptied and your tank is filled, it is time to ride.  Make a right out of the McDonald’s parking lot onto Motor Parkway. Continue on Motor Parkway until you reach Wicks Rd and then make a right. Make a left to get on 495 Eastbound.  Continue on 495. Exit 495 (LIE) onto exit 62 and head Southbound. Take Nichols Rd to Sunrise Highway and exit Eastbound. Stay on Sunrise Highway until you get into the Hamptons. Sunrise Highway is a fairly busy and commercial type road and the road is in fair condition but it beats the alternative which would be the Long Island Expressway. Continue along Sunrise Highway. The road changes names a few times but it’s still Sunrise Highway. The further east you go, the more scenic Sunrise Highway (Rt 27) will become.

Hampton Coffee House

You will then come up to a point in the road where you will see a sign saying to make a left or right to stay on Rt 27. Make the left. Once you make this left you will travel about a mile and a half eastbound. On your right side, there is a cool little coffee house called the Hampton Coffee House. There you will find food and a restroom. It’s also a good little place to stop and stretch your legs.

After you have rested up a bit, it’s time to hit the road again. Make a right onto Rt 27 and head east. Approximately a mile or so down the road, make a left onto Scuttle Hole Road. As you continue down the road, you will come upon a traffic circle. Continue halfway around to stay on Scuttle Hole Rd.

Continue until you reach Brick Kiln Rd. at which point you will make a left. Brick Kiln Rd will turn into Stony Hill Rd which will then turn into Noyak Long Beach Rd also known as Rt 114. You will make a right to stay on Rt 114. This will take you right to the ferry. The ferry ride is only about 10 minutes over to Shelter Island. It will set you back about $8.

Shelter Island

The ride through shelter island is a short one. You will stay on Rt 114 straight through to the North Side of Shelter Island. There are a few different places you can eat there. I have eaten at a place called The Dory. The service was a little slow and they don’t take credit cards, but the food and scenery were good. Your other challenge with the Dory would be parking. Be careful where you park or you will get a ticket.

After either eating at the Dory or another location (there are a few on this road) continue along Rt 114 until you get to the North side ferry. Again a 10 minute trip across to the north fork will set you back about another $8.

Once you exit the ferry, go up to Front Street and make a right. Take to the end and make a left on Main Rd. One thing I will add in here. If you did not eat on Shelter Island there is a bar and grill on Main Rd. Instead of making the left, you make a right. The name of the place is Claudio’s. It is a very popular place especially in the summer so once again parking might be tough.

I Assumed You Ate By Now

Assuming that you have eaten, you will continue down Main Rd until you get to Rt 25/48/North Rd. You will then make a left. Make sure you make the right onto Front St once getting off the Ferry. If you make a left onto Front St it will become Rt 25 and this road will take you through a bunch of towns with incredible amounts of traffic. If you wound up on Rt 25/48/North Rd, awesome!!! You’re in the right place. If you did not, look for Moores Lane and make a right. That will get you down to Rt 25/48. You can then make the left.

Farms & Wineries

Head west on Rt 48. You will just stay on this road as it changes names and eventually becomes Sound Ave. This road will bring you by all the farmlands and wineries on the North Shore. It’s a great little road to ride. Very scenic. The only downside is that most of this road is only 1 lane in each direction. No big deal, you’re out for a leisurely and scenic ride, right?

You will eventually come up to a spot on the road where you will bear right onto Rt 25A. You will follow this through town and will wind up on the bypass. Once exiting the bypass to your left, you will make a right at Hallock Landing Road. Follow it a short distance to Rocky Point Landing Rd and make a left.

Twisty & Scenic

You will stay on this road as it twists around the north shore towns of Rocky Point, Shoreham, and Miller Place. It is a very twisty and scenic road but be careful as there is sometimes sand on the road especially if it had recently rained. When you come to the end of the road, there will be a small pond in front of you. Make a right. You are now on North Country Road. This road will take you to Port Jefferson near Mather Hospital. A quick side note here. Once you make the right onto North Country, after about a mile or so there will be a great little ice cream place on your right named McNulty’s. Good ice cream and they also have a bathroom if you need it.

Lower Port Jefferson

When you get in front of Mather Hospital, make a right onto Belle Terre Rd. Follow Belle Terre Rd past St Charles Hospital (it will be on your left side) and bear to your right to stay on Belle Terre Rd. Take to the end and make a left on East Broadway. East Broadway will take you into lower Port Jefferson down near the water.  Bear to your right at the stop sign/light in front of the ferry entrance. This will put you back on Rt 25A. Follow this to the end. At the end of the road, you will make a left to continue on Rt 25A.

Nice Park To Take Photos & Stretch

You will follow Rt 25A down to Edgewood and make a right. Take Edgewood down to Landing Rd and make another right. As you make this right there is a nice little park on your right-hand side if you want some pictures or need to stretch. Follow this road as it winds around to Rose St.  Make a left on Rose St. There are a few stop signs close together. This road will take you back on to Rt 25A.  Take this to Indian Head Rd (Kings Park Firehouse is on the corner) and make a left. Take Indian Head rd down to the end and make a right on Motor Parkway. You will see the McDonalds that you started at on your left side.

Photo Ops Everywhere

If you ride at a leisurely pace, stop for photos, and to eat this ride will take you close to a full day but it’s well worth it

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Note: The video version of this ride below is not the exact ride but very similar

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